Thread: Some ADF trees doing well, others not...

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    Some ADF trees doing well, others not...

    Earlier this winter I signed up with ADF, and got their offer for a bunch of free trees. When they arrived, I had to keep them in the fridge for a few days while I prepped the planting bed, but I kept them well sealed, and they were still moist when I planted them per the instructions. My planting bed was a stretch of lawn that I tilled up with a roto-tiller to about 10" deep, but did not fertilize otherwise, and the trees were planted at about 2' intervals and mulched with chopped leaves. (per instructions)

    I called ADF a while back to ask when they should be showing signs of life, and was told that they should be sprouting by mid to late May.

    About half of the trees were getting leaves by early May, and are doing quite well, with plenty of visible growth.

    The other half are still showing NO signs of life - they show no change from the appearance that they had when I got them from ADF. It has been several weeks since the last tree that started to show leaves has done so - I'm beginning to think that these others are dead

    1. How much longer should I give them?

    2. What is the procedure for letting ADF know that there is a problem, and what do they generally do about it?

    Back Yard bee keeper, interested in trees that will increase my honey production.

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    RE: Some ADF trees doing well, others not...

    They are dead. I would get Arborday to send replacements right away or give you a refund you will need to call them they might try to talk you into waiting till fall and they will say there shipping dates is over with but if you talk to the right manager and tell them you would like to have them right now they might send them right away. You just have to talk firm to them a manager get them sent out after the shipping date you just got to talk to the right one and if they try to make you wait till fall tell them you would rather have a refund and they might refund or they might go ahead and ship them right away as request because they do not want to lose your money.

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    RE: Some ADF trees doing well, others not...

    The 10 "free trees" I got had about a 70% survival rate. Many of them in the mix I selected were better understory trees, and on an empty acre I expected many of them to struggle and die since they have no protection from the elements.

    These trees are much smaller (in general) that what you'd get if you ordered the specific tree from ADF as a seedling. For example, my red maples were about 2'-3' long while the flowering tree mix had 5" long seedlings in it.

    Also note that some state laws prevent shipping any tree that is not dormant, so for example, if you demand a replacement from ADF now, rather than waiting for fall shipping, they may not be able to help you.

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    RE: Some ADF trees doing well, others not...

    I know my state does not so you can order trees anytime you want. I have never heard of such a law. Why would a state not allow trees that are not dormant to be shipped. It sounds like a stupid law.

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    RE: Some ADF trees doing well, others not...

    I always thought shipping dormant trees was just better for the seller (and the customer too), but I read a few weeks ago at a large seller's website that their state won't allow shipping of non-dormant trees. This particular seller in in Georgia, and they explain the law on their site.

    I also would think other states with infestation problems or fears might have similar laws plus tougher agro inspections. For example, in my state, for a reason I still haven't found, no peach trees can be shipped in through the mail.

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    RE: Some ADF trees doing well, others not...

    If a tree has disease or insect problem. The tree would have it at both times whether its dormant or not. Maybe the law is just in Georgia anyway if the tree is in a box or package they would not know if its dormant or not if they do not open the package also if the states give online nurserys problems they could ship it in unmarked boxes. That way they would not know whats in it.

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    RE: Some ADF trees doing well, others not...

    Why don't you just go to the local nursery or Lowes or Home Depot or Walmart or Kmart and see if they have peach trees I am sure they do anyway you would be better to buy one at a local store potted because they will be bigger and produce fruit quicker. The online trees will be very small and take 6 years to produce since there just a foot tall. I wander how the stores get buy with shipping peach trees and trees that are not dormant.

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    RE: Some ADF trees doing well, others not...

    The trees I get from arbor day are considered my nusery trees which I plant in an area with very rich soil. After a couple of seasons in the nusery they are moved to there to permanent location where the soil has been improved. As a Beekeeper you want to start a bed with buckwheat and plant the seedlings in it when you get the replacements. You could also use clover or comfrey if you wish to keep the honey production up until the trees mature.

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    Re: RE: Some ADF trees doing well, others not...

    Quote Originally Posted by Big_Tree_Fan
    For example, in my state, for a reason I still haven't found, no peach trees can be shipped in through the mail.
    Does your state produce peaches commercially? Some of these kinds of laws are just economic protectionism for various special interests.

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