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    growing season

    Sorry to hear about the big forest fire in South Carolina last week as we had a big one 2yrs ago in the U.P. of Michigan. Got me to thinking would a forest tree in michigan grow faster than a forest tree in S.C. Up here a tree gets the bud growth in the spring just like down south. Your season starts earlier but the trees up north don't get stresses from your hot summers. But the S.C. tree sees a longer growing season so that should make up for the hot summer. If the spring growth on both trees is the same then hardens off then thats all it grows for that season. What about differant growth rates between northern conifers and southern conifers?

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    It's a good question and I don't know the answer, but I do know that the right tree in the right place grows much better than an improperly situated tree or one that is planted too deeply. Pollution, acid rain, drought, pests, and other environmental factors also play a large role in the growth rates of trees. If you've been to Oklahoma and seen what their trees look like then you'll realize that the very harsh conditions there make growing trees very difficult and the trees that are lucky enough to thrive end up getting hammered by massive ice storms, anyway.

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