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    RE: tree life expectancy

    The irony of the life expectancy depending on a tree staying small is that most of us generally want big, tall trees! So, we can't have it both ways.

    Or can we? Some species live long lives and reach tremendous size. Of course, life span is relative. To we humans, living 500 years is a long life. To the bristlecone pine--aren't some of those out West supposed to be several thousand years old?--five centuries old is just getting started!

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    RE: tree life expectancy

    Yes, the oldest tree is a Great Basin Bristlecone Pine (Pinus longaeva) in the White Mountains of California. It's 4,840 years old this year. Bristlecone Pines are extremely long-lived trees.

    Some info for you all might like. This is generally what the U.S. Forest service calls certain trees by their longevity, as well as most other sources:
    >Short-lived trees are ones that normally live Less than 100 years.
    >Medium-lived are ones that normally live up to about 100 to 250 years.
    >Long-lived trees are ones that normally live longer than than about 250 years.
    >Very long-lived trees can normally live more than 1000 years.
    >Extremely long-lived are trees that can live longer than 3000 or 4000 years.

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    RE: tree life expectancy

    i'm learning so much, this is great. i asked similar questions at (i think), and always got goofy answers by people that seemed like they were trying to be funny and stuff. got another question semi-related. my property was clear-cut and all the trees are fairly small, but in the drier spots of my swamp there are nice sized loblolly pines (i think), these are the only trees that are large enough to support a tree stand for hunting. i doubt these trees grow that fast, i figured that maybe when clearing, they left a couple mature pines because they don't grow back once cut. does this make sense? thanks.

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    RE: tree life expectancy

    Yeah, Treeman knows trees! He always puts it in a way that makes me feel stupid.... Like I should have already known that.

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    RE: tree life expectancy

    These are Loblollies:

    They put on a foot or more each year. You can see the new growth in the spring. I wouldn't say they are slow growing.

    Also, mine popped up by themselves. They weren't planted. The land they grow on was farmed for watermelon n whatnot and the farmer died. So, this is the result.... Lots of loblollies, sweetgums, red maples, blackberry, honeysuckle, etc.

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    RE: tree life expectancy

    Oh, another thought.... I don't know about SC, but here in GA its not legal to clear hardwood trees if they are bigger than 8 inches unless you get a permit and have an arborist overseeing the operation. You can clear all the pines you want however.

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    RE: tree life expectancy

    As for conifirs that grow back from the stump Coast Redwood surely does. Even here 3000 miles from their home. I have 4. One was ran over by a carwheel, died and is now 3' tall after two years. One was creamed by a neighbor's renegade cow and sprouted three leaders from the roots with the tallest about 4' tall after 2 years. One just mysterousely died this past spring and the bottom lateral lived and I have staked it up and it is growing fine. One was never disturbed and is nearly 5' tall after 4 years starting at about 1'. If we would have a normal rainy summer all these guys would be ove my head by fall.

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    RE: tree life expectancy

    well permits must be plentiful and cheap cause i see a lot of hardwood swamps being cleared all around. they clearcut approx. 30 acres of beautiful swamp behind our hunting property, many massive oaks that were hundreds of years old-gone. they left a thin strip along the creek that runs through. i guess it made good wildlife habit because it's a huge thicket now.

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    RE: tree life expectancy

    I don't know.... You're in SC... I don't know about those laws. Any idea why they cleared all that land? That seems like a big expense not to do anything with it.

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