I'm still putting down my tree mats cut from rolls of lumite landscape fabric from Shaw Fabrics in Colorado. I bought 3'X300' rolls and my brother-in-law machine cut them down for me to 3'X3' mats with a 6" diagonal slit in the center. I am putting them around my smaller seedlings--especially some new oaks and hickories and two long lines of Norway Spruce I'm planting as screens.

We've got knee-high grass in the field already, but my little trees are safely growing with the mats around them. I've had to pull a few weeds and grass that have grown through the slits, but otherwise all is well so far.

The lumite fabric is guaranteed to last five years in direct sunlight without mulch. If it works even somewhat close to what they advertise, it will be well worth the money. Especially with gas going up and up and up . . . eliminating as much mowing as possible is becoming more of a priority.