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    RE: suckers

    I guess I been busy with new trees and other things.
    Yep, when crushed, that's a odd fact about them, I've never read that before. I guess it's great way keep deer away though.
    Nobody planted them, Black cherries are native to eastern half North America , north to Canada and south to Mexico. They have always been here, being here before any man found the continent. They get spread by birds mainly, birds love the little cherries. They can get quite big in the southeast growing to a max size of around 130 feet tall in a forest and a trunk of over 5 feet in diameter.
    Yep, the invasive Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) is very bad here also.
    Yeah, it can be very surprising and interesting what you can find when you look close at all the smaller plants and trees on a forest floor. I still find and identify small new plants many times here.

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    RE: suckers

    The new trees have been keeping me busy too. I told everybody I wanted trees for my birthday,,,, its trees I got! 8 bartlett pears, 2 cleveland select pears, 2 elberta peaches, a hale peach, a georgia bell peach, and some kind of "super sweet" peach. Since its looking like the rains have left for the summer, I spend a LOT of time watering trees! Gonna end up sucking my well dry or burning up the pump I'm doing so much watering.

    Speaking of watering, (don't you love how I can always get us off topic ), have you ever noticed you can water n water with the hose and it doesn't seem to do any good.... Then it rains and everything springs back to life??? Is there something special about rain water? Or is it just the shear volume of water when it rains that can't be matched with the hose?

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    RE: suckers

    I've seemed to notice it over years like you have. It's probably a combination of factors.
    Most agree rain water is better for plants because it is natural free of minerals (such as salts), chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals that tap water has. Though most plants can tolerate these things with little harm, they prefer clean pure rain water to do and look the best. Well water can have a high mineral content that plants don't like, and possibly other things. pH might be a factor also, tap water could have a high pH level.
    Rainwater can be highly oxygenated and is normally of a neutral PH so plants love it. Of course rain water can be polluted (such as acid rain) in a large city from factories and cars etc. and could be harmful to plants but most places out of a large city rain is pretty free of pollutants.

    Also as rainwater percolates into the soil, it forces salts down and away from root zones (salts that can harm plant and root growth), allowing roots to grow better and making plants more drought tolerant. And I think on cloudy rainy days it allows time for the plant to rejuvenate by the very good soaking of the leaves, soil, and roots. Water on the foliage of a plant in the sun can burn their leaves, but a good cool rain on a cloudy day can refresh the plant.

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    RE: suckers

    Makes sense to me. I can't figure out how you know all this stuff.

    Since I've already taken this thread light years away from the orginal topic, might as well throw my leaf scan in here. I have this really big tree that the farmer used to use as shade when plowing the field. (Of course, the field is overrun by loblolly pines now.) I've alway assumed the tree was oak, but I've looked at all the oak leaves on the tree identification part of this site and can't find a match. The leaf is pictured on the left. The other 2 leaves I think are Red Maples, but not sure. They are currently growing in an area that I want to make a pond. I'm trying to decide what trees to keep.

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    RE: suckers

    Ya know.... Now that I really look at that scan, those leaves on the right are different. I thought they were the same at first. Maybe one is Red Maple and the other is a Black Maple????

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    RE: suckers

    The One on the left is 100% a Southern Red Oak (Quercus falcata) one of my most favorite oaks. I have 3 acorns sprouting in pots I got last fall from a 200 to 300 year old 7 foot wide trunk Southern Red Oak.
    Yes, the other two are Red maples (Acer rubrum), the way their leaves are shaped can vary some and is very typical.

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    RE: suckers

    7 ft,,, that's a big tree! Mine's probably around 2 feet in diameter. It's like a celery stalk too. There are two trees coming from one root system.

    I guess the leaves of the Southern Red vary some. That must be why I couldn't match it up on the tree identification thingy. How do you think this tree will get along with a pond put in nearby?

    Here you can see there used to be a pond there. Don't know when this was taken,,, before 2000 is all I can say for sure. You should be able to pick out the big oak in the middle of the pic next to the crosshair.

    This one was taken between 2000 and 2005 I'm pretty sure.

    I took this pic the end of Feb. This is the area I want to put the pond (and the area that used to be the pond). The big tree in the back is the red oak.

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    RE: suckers

    A neat little site with the best pics I've seen comparing oaks.

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    RE: suckers

    Southern Red Oak is characteristically an upland tree, growing on dry, sandy, clay soils but occasionally it grows along streams in fertile bottoms, and there it reaches its largest size. It should be fine as long as no heavy equipment drives over the root area of the tree. Also it will be fine as long as the water does not come under the canopy of the oak which could be too close and too wet for it. 100 to 200 feet away at least should be the best distance probably if possible.
    Yeah, that is a good guide site.
    Here is one I've thought was very good. (Big PDF file) Native Oaks of Eastern North America:

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    RE: suckers

    Yeah, that IS pretty extensive. I know 100 times more about oaks than I did yesterday.

    When you water your trees, do you prefer to do it morning, noon, or evening?

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