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    hybrid poplars

    We are also new to this. We just purchased 3 acres in northeastern North Carolina. This used to be part of a "farmette". We are needing to have it graded because of the standing water after rain, but as soon as that happens we want to start planting. We have 20 hybrid poplars to plant. I have a friend that talks about different trees having different roots (some straight down, some spread out, some go right towards the septic). I need to know about these hybrid poplars and which direction they would go and what's the closest to the septic we should safely plant them. Thanks

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    RE: hybrid poplars

    They need to be planted at least 100 to 150 feet away from a septic tank and field line septic pipes (to be safe for sure 150 to 200 feet would be the best if possible). They have wide spreading roots and they love moist soil. The grass need to be removed in a 5 to 10 foot area around each tree if you want them to grow fast and establish quick (because grass can use up a lot of the water during the summer).

    If you want your trees to thrive good, grow very fast, and establish well in the ground, follow this When you plant them: dig or till a wide hole 3 to 5 feet wide but only 1 or 2 feet deep (or exactly how deep the root ball is) then make sure to cut or straighten out any circling or root bound roots so the tree does not choke its self as it grows larger (This is called Girdling Roots). Then plant it so the top roots are even with the ground level (because a tree planted too deep will suffer and will usually eventually die early. Then fill back the hole with the same soil you dug out, do this while you lightly water so it will settle the soil good around all the roots. Don't pound the soil with your foot when your done filling the soil, but only just pack it slightly firm with your hands. Then flood the planting area right after this to settle the remaining soil. Finally mulch the 3 to 5 foot wide area (the wider the better) with organic material such as wood chips, pine straw, or well shredded or composted leaves from the woods. Make the mulch only 2 to 4 inches deep (no deeper) and keep it 3 inches away from the trunk to prevent bark rot. The right amount of mulch is very good for trees. Wide and shallow is good. Some people pile mulch up on the trunk, this is bad, see the link below on mulching:

    Make sure to keep them watered well for the next 2 to 3 years, especially in the summer when it gets dry. Poplars can take more water than most other trees so you don't have to worry about over watering much. If you do all of the above your trees could easily grow 4 to 6 feet each year (maybe only 2 to 4 feet the first year) but after 1 to 2 years of root establishment they should definitely grow 4 to 6 feet a year if the soil is kept moist.

    I think you all will enjoy them. Poplar species I think are the most beautiful trees in terms of looks when they are healthy, with shimmering glossy leaves that dance in the wind and make a ocean surf kind of sound, plus the interesting deltoid shaped leaves. Just make sure to plant them far back from any septic pipes or concrete.

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    RE: hybrid poplars

    We are definitely new at the septic and the tree planting. We moved here from the city where the trees are already planted and there are public utilities! We really want trees, but are terrified of messing things up!

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