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    TreePro Protectors

    I purchased 30 48" protectors when I planted my trees a couple weeks ago. These have proven to increase growth and dramatically increase survival of young trees.

    I put these protectors on all hardwood tree saplings that I purchased. The evergreens, seedlings, and the shrubs do not have them. I figured at such a low cost, losing some of them wouldn't be the end of the world. Some of the hardwoods, however, already have a 3-4 year start (at least, they have 3-4 flushes of growth), so I thought it would be worth it for them.

    Plus, I can keep them and use them again down the road for future plantings.

    Of course, I thought long and hard about getting them, but they do a few things that will greatly help my trees.

    They will protect from harsh winter winds. Since my evergreens are all short enough to be covered with snow, only these will be sticking out.

    These particular protectors have 3 fastener holes, 2 on the bottom 1 foot and one about 1 foot from the top. I've left the top hole unfastened so that it kind of opens out like a cone.. this allows air circulation so that the ambient temperature inside hte protector is nearly the same as outside it, but without the wind whipping across it.

    Does anyone else have experience with these? The forester I talked with said they work really well. And for you bird lovers, no worries! I put nets over the top, so not even the smallest sparrow can fall in.

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    RE: TreePro Protectors

    I've got some on the way myself, along with a Purdue select cultivar black walnut plantation kit. I'll let you know, you let me know!

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    RE: TreePro Protectors

    That I can do.

    I was reading up a bit on them, and many people tout the "greenhouse" effect that they have on the tree.. but this is really not what causes better growth.

    They said stopping the wind and the tree's natural yearning for the brighter light at the top of the tube are what causes faster growth. Many tree species stop growing vigorously when wind speeds go higher than 7mph... that really surprised me.

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    RE: TreePro Protectors

    I read about them, too. It sounded impressive and the Purdue guys all endorse the protectors. I was swayed by the photos of the young trees doing so well!

    When our little trees grow by leaps and bounds and we have one-year-old oak seedlings over ten feet tall, I'll bet that everybody else on this forum will be buying them, too!! LOL.

    Seriously, though, I need some of them. One of my most vigorous young tulip seedlings is a little under six feet tall right now and the deer came through . . . fortunately, new leaves have already sprouted out to replace the lost ones (not a single leaf was left after that big deer--based on the size of the prints, it was big--finished browsing). I had used Liquid Fence, but it is about time for another application and we had some rain (finally). I hope the TreePro protectors help fend off the whitetails on some of the trees that they keep hitting. I have too many trees to be able to protect them all, but I want to try them to see how it goes.

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    RE: TreePro Protectors

    The bad thing with this, I bet, si that it will seriously 'thin' the trunks girth over time By not letting lower branches fill and expand, the trunk will not be 'normal' and the roots will possibly not be sturdy enough to hold up to winds *later* as the tree has not been enduring/adapting to normal conditions whilst it was ued (right?). I *know* trees get more girth from the lower branchings, which seems to be prevented with these. I understand there's a need/use for them, but there's a price to pay in some respect anytime you alter the growth pattern I am not saying these are bad, but not necessarily good, or recommendable for everyone, IMO.

    I have had enough newer plantings go over from wind/ice-loads/soil-gone-soft-from-rains that I will not again plant an 'older' tree as I want it to grow up in the tornadic times so its ready for it all the time - the tubed-trees *would* need staking for a few years after removal of tubes, I bet. I would not even think of using a tube on a tree out in middle of my open part of yard, but maybe within a copse or other 'protected' area... And again, that just may be worth it for those that have deer through the yards every morning!

    And just another point, snow...trees do yearn for light up top, but when they have it, they put growth out laterally and all - a more yearned-for light pattern than *just* light on top. Higher winds cause some extra root-growth, which can take away above-ground gowth rates, but its a balance that the tree would need to have or its going to be quite a task for tree to 'take it' when not protected... Just my thoughts is all ITs always best to let Nature do as it does...but those deer can be an issue, LOL. My dogs keep deer out of yard, but not gophers

    Just my .05,

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    RE: TreePro Protectors

    Alex, these protectors are supposedly designed to deal with the kinds of issues you've raised. Check them out at:

    I'm not sure that thinning branches on the lower four or five feet of a black walnut tree is a bad thing. But these protectors are supposed to be big enough accommodate the trees.

    I don't know how well they work, but I'm going to give them a tree. I'm more excited about TreePro's tree mats, actually. I'm going to use them around a lot of my trees. They're too expensive to replace the rolls of landscape weed matting that I'll be using on Snowguy's advice. But they'll be going around some of my favorite trees and my orchard.

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    RE: TreePro Protectors

    It actually kind of confirms what I am saying Here's an 'exerpt': Research shows that in the first two years tree protectors and shelters can increase tree height up to 600 percent over trees grown without the benefit of protectors. That is going to cause/force tree to do what is 'unnatural and/or change the usual growth pattern, so to speak. Not what *I* would prefer or want. With the winds here, the 'thinner' trunked pecans/hickories/walnuts tend to come crashing down long before the ones that started off 'in the wild' being challenged from the get-go. One of my pecan seedlings (~24" tall) from this Spring is MUCH thicker/sturdier in caliper than another about 20' feet away which I intentionally planted in a very wind-protected area to see what diff it made - convinced me big time The smaller one already pulled up and relocated, chance in that spot. *BUT*, two of them have been topped/trimmed-down by rodents(?) over last two weeks, and will regrow well enough, I am sure, LOL (they like loblolly, too!).

    In no way am I saying this is a *bad* product...possibly/probably very good one for those that have a strong *need* for such. When a tree is going to be gone (eaten) if not otherwise protected from the 'woody predators', then the use/cost is justified - but for myself, it would cause an 'inferior' tree that is very possibly not ready for life without protector when it needs to come off. That's all I am saying... this product does not give you a 'typical' tree for the area of ground its grown within (exceptions, of course). It gives a tree that has been *forced* upwards when the locale of planting would quite likely produce a tree of other adapted 'traits' from having been 'exposed'...

    To say that making a tree grow tall fast is good overall for everything planted really puts bad ideas out there, IMO. I say only use such *when* its needed, not because its available to everyone Its good to see a company addressing some of the major issues of the 'other' protectors previously out there, huh?


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    RE: TreePro Protectors

    I don't think it changes the "natural" growth pattern. There are natural conditions where they would grow this way... for example, the jack pine growing among the dense thicket of American Hazel in my yard has grown very little horizontally, but grew 2 feet vertically this year trying to reach the sunlight. Surely the tree isn't as windfirm as other jack pines, but it is protected from the wind by the hazelnut bushes.

    The protectors will stay on the trees until they grow out of the protectors for a year or so.. usually 5-7 years when planting seedlings.

    Also, every situation is different. You live in a very windy place. Winds here only occasionally top 30mph. Northern Minnesota is nothing but forests as far as the eye can see, so winds aren't the main concern. Bitter cold and animal browse are the main concerns.

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    Re: RE: TreePro Protectors

    Quote Originally Posted by snowguy716
    Also, every situation is different.
    That is all I am saying, and that protectors are 'bad' in some (most?) situations. Just to be clear, is all I reiterate that there are times/places where these are ideal (I certainly would spend coin on these if needed!), but an *overall* endorsement is misleading, IMO - not that that is occurring *here*, fwiw. With a 'world-wide' Forum such as this ADF Forum, I like to be really, really clear so someone innocently 'ignorant' does not go but a bunch of these when its not recommended or such. There's the saying 'right tree/right place'...and then there's right 'equipment'/right place, 'eh? It *will* change the 'natural' growth if the site is such that lateral-growth (for lack of better termage here) is needed, and at times, a trade-off must be made if deer find trees appetizing and appealing. To use these as a way to get height for simply no other reason would be detrimental - and I bet it would be proven with 'long-term' comparisons

    If only there was a good *cheap* rodentia-proof cage -> my largish weigela is missing 5 branches, each about 4' long(!!!) over last night...sigh...the cut-marks are still moist, too. If only I could bring stuff inside now like am doing w/ my 'tropical' bonsai growings and other non-dormancy-issue growings.

    I do think we agree here, but its like trying to describe something, in different ways, to fit every situation, LOL..


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    RE: TreePro Protectors

    Hey Snowguy,

    On a related subject to TreePro Protectors . . . Weed Mats.

    Have you used the ones from TreePro? I was thinking
    of buying some, but I can't decide whether it is
    worth it and necessary to get the 36" x 36" size or will
    the 24" x 24" size do?

    I am thinking of using them for Norway Spruce, Shellbark
    Hickory, and Red Oak seedlings--ranging from 6 or 8"
    to maybe 2-3' tall.


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