Thread: I'm always finding something new and interesting

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    I'm always finding something new and interesting

    I've been doing my usual poking around our cabin and found some interesting things today.

    There has always been a layer of brushy plants growing right behind our cabin. The woods here have an open canopy with widely spaced mature trees consisting mostly of Red Oak and green ash with a few specimens of white spruce, paper birch, bur oak, and quaking aspen.

    With ample sunshine reaching hte forest floor, an understory of brushy looking plants that max out at about 8' tall and grow very close together form an understory.

    I had somehow thought that these were birch since there were so many birch growing around... but I found out today that they are all American hazelnut. But there are almost no nuts on them.

    So this is what I plan to do: Clear all dead hazelnut "shrubs" (mostly single stemmed) and about half of the living ones, allowing more sun to reach the forest floor so that more trees can get established. Right now there are tons of little baby red oaks and a few bur oaks, but they get shaded out by the prolific, non-nut bearing hazelnut bushes. ANd I have no doubt that this will ultimately benefit the hazelnuts as well.

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    RE: I'm always finding something new and interesting

    I wonder if animals strip the nuts for food? Shouldn't be too long, with all your 'observing time', before you get the rhythm of your cabin's area. I bet a cup of coffee and a morning walk/sunrise, or even sunset, are just awesome!

    I'd love to have woods like that around *me*. I'm stuck with tick-infested, horsefly buzzin' prarie-style woods that aren't 'majestic' or super-varied. The Sooners & Friends definitely blazed a path through here back then with hatchet, axe, and saw. Worse, much of the underbrush stuff along with many 'grasses/weeds' have seeds that stick like Velcro to your socks/pants. Better than nothing, though, and I'll take it as I can get it. Just an hour east/s-east of me, stuff really starts happening as far as the hardwoods go. Go west, north, or south - bleh!


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    RE: I'm always finding something new and interesting

    Yeah, I wouldn't doubt it.. we have a pretty stable chipmunk population around, and yesterday I heard a very pissed off raccoon making his way through the woods causing a lot of racket. From what it sounded like, I think his wife must have cheated on him or something.. because he wasn't too happy.

    The other day there was a little chipmunk sitting about 10 feet away from me munching on a little acorn, making a little 'chit chit chit" sound and I moved closer to it very slowly and it just kept right on munching. If you crouch and make a 't' sound, they'll come right up to you, especially if you've got something yummy in your hand. While they can be annoying, chipmunks are about the cutest creature to grace the earth.

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