Thread: Lots of rain! Preventions needed?

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    Lots of rain! Preventions needed?

    Living here in Central OK, the weather has gone tornadic/rainy for last few days, and my yard is *saturated*; most creeks out of their banks and such. All my trees have been sitting in puddles for at least three days, and ground is going to stay wet for a few weeks, I bet, based on forecasts, etc. I have a small concern for 'disease' setting in, like mildews or what-nots that might pop up from these conditions that occur yearly. Its rained every few hours, sometimes an inch or two at a time - can't even walk on the 'solid' ground without sinking to ankles in muck! All mulch I put out a few weeks ago is miles away now, too. Grrrr! I have some prunus cistena, coupla plums and apples, c myrtles, and a few other non-natives in-ground that are non-fruiters that certainly aren't adapted/evolved to this stuff.

    Would it be advisable to do some preventive 'spraying' of something for these unique-to-this-locale conditions? If so, what *in general*? I am not worried about any protection of forming-fruits or such, if any, just overall plant/tree protection from the wetness now, and the resultant humidity from it taking weeks to fully 'dry' the ground (from previous years' experiences). FWIW, apples/prunus are on second-season and plums on first, and no symptoms of any kind present at moment. My 'burning bushes are showing weird spots already on ~ 1/2 of leaves and gotta get camera back to address *that* w/ pics very soon The 'native' plantings are not much of a concern as they are used to this stuff probably, being from Tornado Alley historically (My house missed by a tornado couple hundred yards away a couple nights ago!)

    And the lowest spot in my yard has a river of water flowing out of a 'spring' - at least the 'gophers' are drowning!!! Saves me some $ from murdering 'em at the moment

    Last few years, my roses have *all* gotten 'black-spot' from the wetness, and product that rhymes with 'Horthonex' has proven useless systemically, fwiw, as applied per label.

    Thanks for any thoughts,

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    RE: Lots of rain! Preventions needed?

    Might want to look into some anti-mildew stuff, if it's shown a tendency to go in that direction before. I haven't tried any, but I like other products by Gardens Alive! and they have a few things that might work and aren't nasty to the envrionment.

    Long term to get them out of the wet would be to build up berms to plant on, but if that dries out too much in the summer that's just as bad. Your soil is already pretty sandy, right? (I was in OK once, more than 20 years ago, so I don't recall...) If sandy soil & relatively flat ground still takes time to dry out, that's not a good thing. I went through in the Fall and it seemed desert-dry to me (this was before I had actually been in a desert, though...)

    Green Man Enviroscaping LLC

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    Central Oklahoma - Zone 7 for now

    RE: Lots of rain! Preventions needed?

    To clarify - My residence is two acres of mostly 'praire-like' gasses w/ Bermuda crawling thru it and is rather heavily forested all around me. It gets very dry here, but that is after we get sogged for a month during late April/May. My soil is fairly sandy, but has been 'levelled' by previous builder with some fill/rocky stuff that is not bad. I have a bit of clay about 4' down that is tough to shovel, but roots get through it OK by my experiences of digging stuff up The ground dries OK, but when we get off/on rain for so long, it tends to stay 'wet' below the grasses where wind can't 'penetrate' well to assist. I am kind of on top of a large hill with a small buit 'above' me that drains underground until it can pop outta the ground in a stream or such - sometimes slow to finish draining, for sure. I bet we get 90%+ of rainfall in a few weeks here for the summer.

    Right now, I have wildflowers popping all over (paintbrushes, b-eyed susies, and a lot of yarrow, etc) with a lot of 'native grasses' going to seed. I gotta mow BAD, LOL, and just did about a week ago - looks like I never even looked at the mower. Until it gets really warm, it doesn't dry too well, then its **dry** for sure for months afterwards. Last year was horrible with record heat, and this winter was like the Arctic - covered in ice more than not, and winds that would push you off the road withouit notice. The worst of all the Zones above and below me, I guess. I spent hours a day last year in Aug/Sept with waterhose in hand assisting the establishment of deeper roots of lots of new 'plantings' during the 'hot spell' all over this place. Even some big and mighty Oaks in surrounding forests with deeeeeeep roots (for sure!) did not recover from the wildfires and heat/dryness all around me - kinda sad in a way, but survival of the fittest, I guess Of course, not a single Juniperus Virg was affected - they loved it! That's why I have around 50 of those I plucked as sprouts earlier this Spring to go in-ground shortly to grow as windbreaks around me, LOL. I bet few other things would *thrive* with these extremes in this particular area like they do. <open to different sugg's for variance, of course. Need to cut wind/make shade for my 'fancy stuff'>

    Thanks for the name of that 'friendly' product - prefer that way and I am not fretting. I just totally forgot how long it stays sogged here this time of year when I popped those non-local things into ground, LOL. It is accurate to say I am wanting to do 'an ounce of prevention' for a number of things that surely are outta their usual 'programmed' existence. I'll check it out ASAP.

    Appreciate it,

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