Thread: Concerning juglone/Bl Walnuts

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    Concerning juglone/Bl Walnuts

    I know about the juglone & effects - but I am curious if that chemical can 'drift' through the soil. I mean like it travelling down/through a small/barely inclined slope over the years - so a decade later, the whole, or greater part thereof, downside of hill is saturated with juglone waaaay beyond the canopy's coverage? And does juglone 'decay' after a number of years, or is it stable in its chemical make-up?

    I know its a broad question about 'travelling juglone' - but is very applicable in my acreage, most likely. I'm trying to think decades ahead in my future plantings, obviously


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    RE: Concerning juglone/Bl Walnuts

    There have been conflicting reports on research that I've found. I think you may need to be more concerned with the nuts and leaves that fall from the trees and roll or drift down the hill.

    From this site:

    Allelopathic chemicals act in a variety of ways. Some retard growth or inhibit germination by disrupting cell division. Some interfere with respiration and other energy-transfer processes. Many affect plant nutrition by inhibiting water and nutrient uptake. In some instances, allelopathy prevents the establishment of a plant or kills established plants, but most often it simply reduces plant growth.

    Allelochemicals may be absorbed directly from the air, but most must pass into the soil before being absorbed. In the soil, the chemicals may be deactivated by adsorption onto clays or organic matter, or they may be decomposed by microorganisms.

    The soil is important in allelopathic interactions. The level of toxins in the soil is affected by soil types, drainage, aeration, temperature, and microbial activity. For example, clay soils drain poorly, and toxins do not leach readily. By contrast, coarse, well-drained, sandy soils tend to maximize leaching. In one study (Fisher 197, juglone from black walnut damaged and sometimes killed red and white pine on wet sites, but on dry sites juglone had little effect. Toxin-sensitive plants may be at higher risk when planted in heavy soils.
    When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it. If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant.

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    RE: Concerning juglone/Bl Walnuts

    Thanks for the links, Newt. With so many squirrels, the nuts would be well dispersed most likely. I am VERY rural, fwiw - nearest neighbor is over a mile away, and have seen dozens of squirrels at a time before running amongst the higher reaches of my oaks/hickories/pecans They leave little in the way of usable nuts for *me*. I had two 5g buckets of walnuts I was going to shell/eat last Fall, and left the buckets on my porch overnight. BAD idea as every nut was gone in the morning, and am now finding them dug up (and eaten). None were buried in appropriate area(s) of course - do squirrels go to school as to how to irritate humans?! All the wind here, also, disperses leaves rather well, usually into creek beds far away. I have *never* had to rake leaves, and the mature trees around my property drop plenty; always have plenty of oak-leaf mulch from surrounding acreage(s) and *their* copses of oaks

    I have been debating on tree placement, and it looks like I should put them towards the downhill-side of my two acres which has a 'herd' of Longhorn & Buffalo on the other side of the barbed-wire fence. The owners of *that* land certainly have no trees anywhere near that area, and have their 'pasture growth' elsewhere. I am blessed with very nice neighbors that have told me they enjoy my flowering things when visiting to feed the herd, so we all get along great. I am really wanting shade trees on east-side of my land so the herd will be close-by at late afternoon/sunset in their shade - all trees on that property are far away on other side and give little shade in afternoons. Growing up in Texas gave me an appreciation for the 'Horns, and I love it when they amble by...

    Thanks again,

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