Thread: Rosebud & normal growing pattern in MD

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    Rosebud & normal growing pattern in MD

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I am a new homeowner, so I have lots of landscaping to do.
    That being said, I got the 10 pack of trees of which 2 are rosebuds.

    I put the rosebuds in the garden until they grew bigger (sheltered area next to home).

    This spring, I transplanted the 8 surviving trees according to the directions in the tree booklet. They are doing well.

    The issue is that the biggest rosebud's leaves have turned brown & fallen off. Some of the branches are brittle, but there is sap within the tree, & the roots are secure.

    Is this normal?

    All the other trees have green leaves. Some of the other rosebud's leaves are starting to turn brown, but it still has green leaves.

    Just being proactive ... I am not sure if this is due to the stomates in the branches reacting to the new location. The tree has been fertilized, limed, mulched & watered, so it is not lacking care.

    Thank you in advance for prompt professional reply.
    Until the next order ...

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    RE: Rosebud & normal growing pattern in MD

    Adding things like lime and fertilizer should only be done if the tree needs nutrients not available in your soil. Really not the best idea on newly trans/planted trees. If that's not what did your trees in, check how deep they are planted to make sure the root flare is not buried.

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    RE: Rosebud & normal growing pattern in MD


    Thanx for reply!
    : )

    Where we live, the soil is hard & acidic; so I broke up the soil & added fertilizer/lime to make it more hospitable.

    The other trees are fine.

    I read about planting depth in an old Reader's Digest book.

    Per root flare ...

    The root flare is the portion to the tree where the trunk widens at the base as it transitions to the root system. This flare occurs at the natural grade of the soil. It is of critical importance that this level be maintained. The addition of soil around the base of a tree is extremely damaging as trunk tissue deteriorates slowly when in constant contact with soil and soil moisture. The critical tissue damaged is the phloem which is responsible for the distribution of food energy manufactured in the leaves. As the phloem deteriorates, the tree looses its ability to utilize food energy for growth. The result is a tree with poor growth, die-back, and eventually, death. The problem is easy to diagnose. Examine the base of the tree. If there is no obvious widening as the trunk enters the ground, then the tree is not at its natural grade.

    Remedial action may be necessary if this is the case. Remedial action involves careful excavation of the excess fill, removal of girdling roots, and in some cases, the construction of a tree well. Lack of root flares occur when the trees are planted too deeply, when landscape additions such as flower beds are added around existing trees, or during construction.

    I see far too many trees suffering from problems related to improper grade. In many cases remedial action can help these trees.

    I'll double check the root flare, but I tried to replicate how the tree was growing in the garden. I might not have dug far enough down for the roots as some were really long. I don't know if the roots are strangling themselves.

    I could dig it up this weekend & re-replant it.

    Thanx again!
    : )

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    RE: Rosebud & normal growing pattern in MD

    You might want to hold off on replanting right away - trees usually don't like being transplanted all that much (it's added stress on them!), and they certainly don't like it when they may be stressed out by drought conditions.

    It's best to move the trees when they're dormant - later in the fall and earlier in the spring.

    Green Man Enviroscaping LLC

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    RE: Rosebud & normal growing pattern in MD



    Will hold off.

    If not, I have some kindling for winter.
    I know, bad joke.

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