Thread: Need advice about damaged Linden trees

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    Need advice about damaged Linden trees

    I am new here and need some help!! I arrived home last night to find my two Linden trees had been cut away. The damaged had been done by the city. I was told by the mayor, who I called immediately after talking to the neighbors, that it was cut for the street cleaner. The city destroyed the shape of the trees. There is no utility lines, no obstuction of view. I live at a corner but the trees are in front of my home.

    The oldest and largest tree is between 20-25' tall and about 15-18 years old They cut out 2/3 of this tree on the street side. They cut the largest limbs about 1 to 1 1/2 foot from the main trunk. The smaller one, approx, 15 to 20' tall and about 10-15years old, was cut all the way to the crown. I am heartbroken. I cried when I saw the damage and I am crying now just to write this. The largest tree is so fragrant when it blooms, you can smell it two blocks away. The trees are so dense you can not see the sun in the summer. It is a favorite of birds, animals, and people. Even though they are a little messy, the trees give more pleasure than any grief ever. Trees are very forgiving. I feel guilty for not being there to protect them.

    Now questions---What can I do to try to get it back into their pyramid shape? We have drought conditions in Southern Indiana, can this effect them after this abuse? Am I in danger of losing them? Do I need to get a tree surgeon to look at them? Is it safe for me to have them pruned at this time of year? Please educate me about saving them. I would so appreciate it.

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    RE: Need advice about damaged Linden trees

    I'm curious... are the trees actually on your property? If there are no power lines or easements that necessitated this, the city seems WAY out of bounds to be butchering these trees.

    I know it's too late and the damage is done, but I'm wondering if you would have legal grounds to, at the very least, make the city pay the cost of having a certified arborist inspect and/or attempt to prune the trees to restore their structure.

    I let someone else on this forum with the proper knowledge answer your specific questions.

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    RE: Need advice about damaged Linden trees

    Thank you for your reply, Nightrust.

    These trees are in my front yard. They are probably on easement right of way. This is a small city--less than 3200 people. The city just got a new street sweeper to play with and now street cleaning seems to be a priority. I have been taking care of the concrete gutters in front of my home for 30+. The city never once brought down a shovel to help. We had a tornado go through our town in 1990, which decimated the trees on my side of town. The tornado took all most half the town. We went from a tree town to a no tree town. My largest Linden tree survived this tornado. It has shaded my home for 15 years plus. Many people have stopped at my door to ask what kind of tree this was in my front yard, it was that beautiful.

    These trees fronted my home, needless to say it has had an impact on the aesthetic value of my home. If my home were for sale, I am sure a sale would depend on repair of the defacing of these trees or the removal.

    My neighbors have urged me to try to save them. The city has caused me great expense for a street sweeper that I helped buy with my tax money. They damaged a tree for a once every six months cleaning of a street gutter? Good thinking!!!

    I am very angry about this as you can tell but my angry does not fix my trees!!!

    Thanks to you, Nightrust, and all those you have read my post.

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