Thread: 2014 Largest known Coast Redwood trunk discovery

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    2014 Largest known Coast Redwood trunk discovery

    Last year, we found several giant coast redwoods including new diameter records and also for largest known trunk.

    I will attach a small image here, but most info is on the following page:

    LINK >

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    you look like an ant next to that tree! that's amazing!
    peace to all

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    wwwwwwwow...that is massive.♡♡♡

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    More coast redwoods have been found. And coast redwood now surpasses the 1321 point General Sherman giant sequoia's champion points by 40 points or more, although, they are different species.

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    Apparently two coast redwoods now exceed General Sherman's 1321 points.

    My favorite find 2016 - 2017 is one referred to as "Darth Vader".

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