Thread: How to winterize trees in cold regions like Utah

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    How to winterize trees in cold regions like Utah

    We planted 9 trees in our garden this year from arbor day. We also bought a few older trees that are about 6 ft tall. With the winter coming, I would like to know if anyone has any tips for preparing them for the cold winter. I'm especially worried about the foot tall trees we got from arbor day in the tree garden. We have mulch down on all of them, but with the leaves freezing/frosting over night now, I need to be ready to make sure they survive.

    Any Suggestions?

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    There are no extra steps you need to take. If you have mulched them and watered them they will be just fine. If you wanted to do anything for them, make sure that they get water once a week until you start experiencing near freezing temps during the day time. The goal is to make sure that the ground is thoroughly soaked. This will allow the roots to absorb water and nutrients that exist in the soil.

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