Thread: Bare root oak trees, and nursery "Gallon" equivalent

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    Bare root oak trees, and nursery "Gallon" equivalent


    I am looking to plant quite a few Oak trees. I am looking at the arborday abre root Live Oaks:

    Can anyone tell me what "nursery equivalent" these bare root trees are? i.e. 5Gallon, 15Gallon, etc? I like the idea of planting bare root rather than nursery trees, but want to make sure I am comparing against the right thing when I consider price.


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    I would say most of them would be 1-3 gallon, if that. The conifers tend to be on the smaller side.
    Some of the longer whips would look ok in a 3 or maybe even a 5 gallon if they are fast growing species that will send out some branches quickly. (Live Oak is not one of those fast growing species)

    Normally what you get at garden centers also come from bare root stock known as liners. They're a bit bigger with more developed root systems. Many times they are named cultivars or varieties that were chosen for your area.

    In florida and warmer parts of texas, if that's where you are, many trees are grown in containers from the get-go.
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