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    Trouble with a Sweet Gum Tree

    I live in Houston, TX and have a sweet gum tree in our yard. It is large and mature, but it has lots of leaves turning yellow and brown and dropping. Since we have not had any cool weather yet, I think that it is too early for this to be occuring. I do not see any issue with the trunk nor has there been any other stress issue. The leaves that are turning yellow and dropping are mostly from the lower 2/3 of the tree. The top is still green. Is this normal, and should I be fertilizing this tree?

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    i live in south carolina and i am starting to see some sweet gum leaves changing colors now. does the tree have dead brown leaves or just yellow when they fall? could be a normal event. not all trees change color at the same time. i don't think any of the tree experts on here would advise you to fertilize your tree, especially if it's already mature.
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    Sounds normal. Especially if you've had a dry year or other stresses.

    Fertilizing won't help it.

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