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    Dogwood Disease!?


    My wife and I moved in 2 years ago (very hot summer) and noticed that the dogwood in the front of our home had leaves looking like the ones attached...Last year, the leaves looked the same and the bark started to peel a bit and had some prominent signs of white powdery looking spots. Now this year, I still have the droopy leaves (as pictured), it barely flowered at all (very wawrm winter to blame?), the bark is still peeling, the white powdery fungus looking stuff is still on it, I have a dead branch forming (from dry summer?) and NOW I just had this entire section of bark easily rub/fall off it yesterday.

    Would hate to lose this tree, but it seems to be in a bad way...

    Any recommendations?

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    Sometimes a tree comes back with a good pruning; This might help in this case as fungus is growing and maybe air flow through the tree would improve. Take out about a third and follow the guides or get a book at the libary. Be sure you clean any tools so the fungus doesn't spread to other trees.

    After you put away the pruning tools spread 3 or 4 bags of Composted Manure and cover it with hardwood mulch.

    If it's avaible you could spray a fungicide from a hose end sprayer, Look for something that's used on grapes and you'll be on the right track.

    Dogwoods are lovely trees that the birds and bees like; I'd hate for you to lose it too.

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