I have a bunch of these thing growing all around my house to the point of them choking out all the plants. I dug up one of the flower bed that had some and the root system is nuts. It took 5 or 6 days for two people to dig a 200 sq ft area of roots! And these were small ones. Only 6 to 8ft tall and thin enough I could clip the trunks. The one pictured is taller than the house and very thick around (thicker than my 10+ year old oak tree). I will have to actually use a saw to take it down.

I guess I am wondering what the heck are these and is there an easy way of killing them? If I base the remaining plants on the time it took me to dig up what I have, I have about a month plus of yard work just for these darn plants! I am not looking forward to this.

From the ground looking up:
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The trunk of the tree:
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