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    Maple leaves tips burnt?

    Hey all I have a tree that is about 9 months planted. I planted it when it had no leaves on it. It sprouted leaves just fine and they looked nice and green. Well summer came and heat along with it (South texas). I was watering the tree with one of those donut things you fill up that slowly relase water. Anyways the leaves started turning burnt in the tips??? The nursery we bought them from says its form overwatering. This sound right or does it look like something else?
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    It could be overwatering, but the only way to know for sure is to check the moisture content of the soil. The best way to do this is dig about 4 inches down and remove a small amount of soil. If the moisture content it adequate, you should be able to compress the soil into a ball. This ball of soil should easily crumble and break apart as you apply pressure to it.

    If you can't form a ball, then the soil is too dry. If you can form a ball, but it seems really moist and does not break apart, you have overwatered. As a general rule, you want to water thoroughly once a week. During this drought that we have had (eastern Nebraska), I have been watering some of my less tolerant trees and shrubs twice a week.

    My hydrangeas and dogwoods have been wilting in the sweltering 108 degree heat!

    Try out the soil moisture and let us know what you find out.

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