Thread: Please help me save my sick Nortway Maple tree !

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    Please help me save my sick Nortway Maple tree !

    I have a Norway Maple Tree in my front yard that it very sick. this tree was already in this house when I bought it 15 years ago and now is drying out, loosing branches, many of the leaves are drying out, is losing its bark at its trunk, There are places on top branches that are dry and bark is falling of and some of the branches already have broken off. In some places I can see some small holes from insects and in the broken branches I can see a white substance. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks very much!!

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    Do you have any photos of the tree? This would really help in determining what is wrong. Pictures of the symptoms would help a lot in this case.

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    Unhappy Many bugs carry bacteria and the holes allow fungus

    The bark is the protection of the tree, You may be able to fertilize and water your maple back to growing healthy bark but the liquid coming out isn't sap.

    It the by-product of rotting wood, Kind of foam on beer when you pour it. The tree is fermenting[decaying] from the inside out.

    You may want to remove it at your convience rather than wait for a storm to knock it down and cause damage. Plus you can shop around for tree removal companies for a good price. Normally when a big storm comes through several trees get knocked down. You'll have better options while the tree is standing than after it falls.

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