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    Interesting tree.

    I just saw this on Shorpy and figured some of you might find it interesting.

    The wizard tree. I wonder if it is still standing?

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    RE: Interesting tree.

    My guess is Sycamore and they can live hundreds of years. Also could be a white or yellow birch. That picture also shows more, It's surrounded by young conifers so my theory is the damage is from an early/late snow fall that took out branches that couldn't hold the weight. By the late 1800's many farmers had moved west to Iowa and Kansas to grow in the fertile plains soil and abandoned the rocky soil in the NE. You can walk the woods of NH today and still see the stone fences erected 200+ years ago. There's also the chance that it was clear-cut and Wizard tree wasn't worth felling. Is the Wizard tree still there? Possibly if the Conifers didn't reach maturity but if they did the Wizard may not have survived.

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