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Thread: Bonsai

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    Hi guys, I have an interesting topic here- the ancient art of Bonsai.
    I have seen the most beautiful bonsai trees while searching the internet.
    Some of you may even create Bonsai trees yourself.
    If you look at Google Images, and search "Bonsai" you will find some great examples.

    I am thinking of entering the bonsai hobby, with some scots pine and others, ordered from this site.

    Please leave comments about your opinions on Bonsai

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    RE: Bonsai

    Go for it. I've been reading a lot about bonsai, and concluded it's a science and art form, requiring extensive knowledge of your specific tree and how trees in general grow and what they need. There are some incredible specimens out there.

    I just started myself, and have a pre-bonsai Bristlecone Pine, 11 inches high. Originally a young "landscape tree", it's only a few years old and arrived as a plug seedling, but is now in a bonsai training pot (larger and deeper for the time being), and am accumulating lots of advice from books and our local nursery (2 bonsai fanatics who love to help newbies, ).

    I bought my kids their own Sequoia bonsai; for anyone interested in this or other suitable species, 2 reputable online nurseries I have used: and

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    RE: Bonsai

    One of the first things I did when I first started surfing the web was to visit Bonsai sites. I was really drawn to the ones that looked tilted like it was growing on a windswept hill. I'm guessing they used string to hold it till it took. Another had a branch that looked like an Ice storm tore it off and the bark had healed up most of the damage,,Intresting stuff.

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    RE: Bonsai

    I reallu love bonsai art. May be not everyone can understand it, but these's its own unique beuty in it.

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