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    RE: A tree stump killer called Basil?

    The tree service was back at it today and this time I spoke to a supervisor. Of course the utility company is behind it. But, she said the spray they use is a comb of 3 chemicals. Gurlon Ultra and...
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    A tree stump killer called Basil?

    We had a tree massacre in the empty lot next to our home this afternoon, and after they cut back 50 feet of treeline they sprayed a stump killer they called Basil. I know I must be spelling it wrong....
  3. RE: I need help with cuttings from trees that took a hit the winter

    Tree Fiddy- they were snapped in half, or nearly. I felt I had no choice. It would cost me a few dollars to replace both since they are so small but I thought I had a choice to at least try to help...
  4. I need help with cuttings from trees that took a hit the winter

    Good Morning All-

    I have a 4ft. Magnolia and a 2ft. Franklin tree that have taken a beating over the winter. I would like to try cuttings in hopes of not losing the trees altogether. Both have...
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    RE: Question about White Pine Blister Rust

    Thank you so much Upperhand, I didn't quite understand the process or what species it spread too. I think I ws overly tired and couldn't make sense of what I was reading online. I read the history of...
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    Question about White Pine Blister Rust

    I was given a Gooseberry starter and had mentioned it to a friend who told me that they were linked to this white pine blister rust. Can anyone tell me more about this? What I found online talked...
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    RE: Tree ID Please

    Okay guys and gals I think I've found it but I would like the confirmation from you pro's out there.
    I went through the UCONN Database and combed through the Acer group first. Acer pseudoplatanus...
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    RE: Tree ID Please

    Ha! Ha! I can't belive I didn't get the pics up. Try again.
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    RE: Tree ID Please

    Good Morning- This morning I finally got around to taking some pics of the sapling. I put them in pots until I can figure out what they are and where they belong. Most of the leaves have dropped...
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    Tree ID Please

    Hi All! I purchased some bare root trees not too long ago and there were some they threw in as extras but we aren't sure what they are. The leaves are maple or sycamore like but the top is green and...
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    RE: unknown, possibly a tree?

    I am soooo jealous!
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    White Oak acorns

    Hello Everyone- I know that oaks are notorious for their taproot and can be difficult to transplant. Well my better half has found an area where he hunts that is chock full of white oak acorns but...
  13. RE: Anyone with experience growing Paw Paw trees?

    Thanks Sprawl- Are the trees bearing fruit yet? Do you manage to get any after the critters get their fill? Thanks for the experience info. I was checking out the OH. Paw Paw festival link. Pretty...
  14. Anyone with experience growing Paw Paw trees?

    First I've read it's an understory tree, then I read it takes full sun. Has anyone had experience with them in both scenerios?
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    Is there an easy way to ID different Elms?

    We have Elms all around us and now there are several 3-6" Elms growing and I wondered if there were an easy way to tell which ones we have? Does anyone have ways they can share?


  16. What types of insects could be boring through the trunk of this tree?

    Good Morning- A friend of ours has a Jap. Willow and has now found holes drilled into the trunk as well as sawdust around the trunk. What kind of insects do this and is there hope of saving it? What...
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    RE: A conifer question

    I've been searching for some answers on my own, I've hit the books and the web. I think that I was looking for some complex answer riddled with big words

    What little I did find wasn't satisfying...
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    Need advice on planting near power lines

    I didn't want to ask on the Randy's thread about the power co. hacking his trees. But I have a question on planting near the lines. On our property they always contact us when they need to get on our...
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    RE: blueberries?

    WoW! I am so jealous. I don't believe I've seen a wild blueberry before. Randy you mentioned tht you can spot them easily because of leaves and stems. Please share. I looked up some info, pretty...
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    RE: blueberries?

    fracwilt- I'm not totally positive those are blueberries. Too much red in the berries and just today I was fighting the birds for Serviceberries. They look alot like those ones but I don't have...
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    RE: Thorny elaeagnus

    And sometimes when I look at them they are an attractive bush. But they spread so fast. I don't know how old they are when they begin fruiting or if they can mass produce from the roots. Maybe...
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    A conifer question

    On Sunday we stopped at a tree farm just to look :wink: ( you'd think that man would know better :lol: ) and struck up a conversation with the owners, the next thing you know we're trying to fit 20...
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    RE: Thorny elaeagnus

    Hi Randy- We have these on our property along with a whole slew of other undesireables and for 3 yrs. we've been cutting throughout the growing season and it feels like a never ending battle. When...
  24. Has anyone heard of the Tilia tomentosa to be poisonous to bees?

    I was surfing and came across this bit of info. We all know you can't believe everything read but has anyone seen this before?

    Silver Linden 60 ft. Tilia tomentosa
    This is a beautiful specimen...
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    RE: Letting fruit trees bear

    :P Okay laserboy, I can wait it out too. Who else has more patience with Mother Nature than those who garden or grow trees?

    When we planted them we did the 20% soil amendment and 4" of mulch....
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