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    RE: Split bark on maple

    In the fall, winter and early spring yes. From late April/early May thru the summer no.
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    RE: Is this tree planted right?

    If the root flair is just below the surface and that knuckle then you are right on. I personally would not have that bamboo looking stick rubbing against the young, thin, easily damaged bark like you...
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    RE: Scalped Maple

    Upperhand is right on when he says do nothing to the lower wound, the tree is better off on its own.

    And when it comes to pruning most trees the waiting till the tree is dormant is the industry...
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    Korean Mountain Ash

    Do any of you have a Korean Mountain Ash? If so please tell me if you like it, what zone you are in, and how fast it's growth rate is, thanks.

    If anybody knows anything about this tree even if you...
  5. RE: Warm March Weather, a bad thing for the trees??...

    Upperhand- I certainly agree with you it is not life threatening for healthy trees, but trees only have so much stored energy and haveing to push leaf buds out twice in the same month is a waste of...
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    RE: Red Maple disease help

    I would not worry to much about it, it should not kill the tree(s) and cutting all the leaves off of it will be much worse to the trees short & long term health.

    They make an oily preventative...
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    RE: questions about a young tree

    Be carefull with the stakeing tho as that could be part of this trees leaning problem as it never developed a strong supporting root system becase of the staking. Any time I plant a new tree I stake...
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    RE: questions about a young tree

    Being that you do not know for sure what kind it is this could be typical for this sub-type of Maple.

    Their are many different kinds of 'tall & skinny' maple tree types.
    For example The Columnar...
  9. RE: Warm March Weather, a bad thing for the trees??...

    And to take my point to the next level here, we had zero inches, that's right 0" of snow here in central minnesota the whole 2 months of March & April, and now we are supposed to get 2-3" here...
  10. RE: Warm March Weather, a bad thing for the trees??...

    Here in MN we had like 11 days in a row in mid April that were 70 or above.

    It is now here on the 7th of may going to get down to 30 degrees tonight and snow!! How fun it is to live in minnesota!...
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    RE: trees not making it

    I would water them more, give them a good deep watering every day for the first week, every other day for the next two weeks, and after that period then a good deep watering every 5-7 days for the...
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    RE: Question about tree roots

    Their really is nothing you can do to make it easier on them.
    Cutting a portion of their root mass is going to have a negative impact nothing you can do about it. Also changing the soil grade or...
  13. RE: Warm March Weather, a bad thing for the trees??...

    My trees are pretty young to so dont want the suns rays to excite the tissue under the bark so I wrapped them with white tree wrap a couple hours ago. Man was it nice here today! The sun finally came...
  14. Warm March Weather, a bad thing for the trees??...

    I cant speak for the whole country but here in Minnesota it has been real warm, it will be 58 here tomorrow, all the snow has been gone in my yard for about 3 days now between the rain we have gotten...
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    RE: Tree advice

    The mulch island idea is the best one if you can get into the look.

    You would need alot of dirt to fill over the roots and at that point you are most likely changing the soil grade which will be...
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    Branch Die Back & General Tree Decline

    Hey guys-
    here is an e-mail I received from a contact I have at a university here in the great north. I am a good resource myself when it comes to trees & shrubs but when I want to know something I...
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    RE: Crabapple Dying Off

    I certainly would not give up hope on it, I've seen whole trees lose there leave early and come back the next year just fine. I have my Princeton Gold maple doing that right now, the leaves...
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    RE: My trees growth rates....

    here are pics of my 3 backyard trees from may/june timeframe.
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    My trees growth rates....

    Hello everyone, the last couple of years I have been documenting my trees growing experience in my own little 1/4 acre chunk of earth, my yard. I moved into my brand new house in the spring of 2003,...
  20. RE: Maple Problem - Red/black around leaf edges

    Well, I think a big portion of that would be how long its been planted?, so, is it established or not? A new planting with limited root mass would have a much harder time of dealing with over and...
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    Re: RE: Please Help for Mountain Ash Tree

    Well, I would take the chance for under 20 bucks for a almost 40 year old tree, what is a 40 year old tree worth that somebody likes? Alot more then 19 bucks I would say, cant buy a tree that...
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    RE: Please Help for Mountain Ash Tree

    I'm not 100% positive, but I donít think the EAB affect mountain ash, it gobbles up the "Fraxinus" ash family of green, white & black ash, but I have never heard of it attacking the...
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    RE: Please Help for Mountain Ash Tree

    I agree with treefiddy, most of those holes look to be from pruned off branches, after branches are pruned off the tree will slowly sever off all uptake of water and nutrient thru that region...
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    RE: Please Help for Mountain Ash Tree

    And most publications agree that a yard, or lawn tree will only live 1/3 - 1/2 of what a tree in its native habitat would be, so this tree being just under 50 years old would probably still have a...
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    RE: Please Help for Mountain Ash Tree

    What would be the life span of a typical Mountain Ash be anyways?
    I would not think any more then 50 - 70 years, and typicaly most resources would tell you a lawn, or yard tree will have 1/2 to 1/3...
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