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    RE: Late-summer drought

    I wish I could help you out. After years of droughty summers up here in Minnesota (every year since 2002 pretty much), we've had a very wet, humid summer and though it has been warm, it has ended up...
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    RE: another tree ID

    That is most certainly an elm of some kind. It looks like possibly Winged Elm by the slenderness of the leaves.. though it could also be American elm though that doesn't really grow in Houston (it...
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    RE: Late-summer drought

    If you ahve some kind of wheelbarrow or cart, fill the biggest jug you have and water say 5 or 6 trees a bit at a time in a repeating fashion until the jug is empty and then repeat. That way the...
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    RE: Princeton Elms

    I got my elms today. They were a little carsick but otherwise in good condition. I gave them a good dose of water and I'm keeping them inside where it's a nice 72˚F in the bright light with no...
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    RE: Late-summer drought

    I'd water them. You placed an investment in them already. Why lose them after 5 years?

    If you're having unusual weather, then give them the boost now. Though at the same time, at 5 years, they...
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    Princeton Elms

    I just ordered 2 princeton elms to plant on my property. I believe elms are the ultimate shade tree.. especially here in Minnesota where other nice vase shaped trees don't survive the cold.

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    RE: Trees With Berries

    Rip it out of the ground by the roots and burn it! That stuff is destroying forests all over the nation.
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    RE: Some likely common tree ID's around my home

    I think you're right about the 3rd one. I was looking around, and a little old lady has a large back yard where they maintain a family burial plot. It has several crabs and a couple hawthorns on...
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    More planting

    I'm ordering more trees from my local SWCD for fall planting. They have wisened up and only do containerized stock in the fall now. I'll be buying 12-15 2 gallon potted conifers and probably 40-50...
  10. RE: It's been a while... an update on my planted trees

    I have to eat my words on the honeylocust. I was at a friend's house a few days ago and they have a beautiful, massive honeylocust in their yard that has got to be about as old as the house (1910s...
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    RE: Some likely common tree ID's around my home

    I have one of the third one growing here in an old garden patch. It could be some kind of maple.. like an amur maple.
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    RE: Bee Attracting Bush

    Trust me. The bees will find the apple trees. Unless they are scarce in flowering, you will have hundreds of bees stopping at each and every little flower on that tree. Bees truly are a gift from...
  13. Our property is naturalizing into a forest!

    Originally meant to be a Christmas tree plantation when the trees were planted in 1996, the landowner decided to divide up the property and sell the lots.
    When we moved in during the summer of 1999,...
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    RE: Cottonwood question

    Well, I believe the "Siouxland" is a cultivar of the "Plains Cottonwood" which is a subspecies of Cottonwood that grows further west. I think the main difference is that the leaves have bigger...
  15. RE: Losing battles, losing the war against bush honeysuckles

    You need fire. Fire will help kill the honeysuckle, which don't like fire, will benefit the native ferns and shrubs, and will greatly help oak regeneration.

    Controlled burns up here have been...
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    RE: Cottonwood question

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    Cottonwood question

    I planted a "Siouxland" Cottonwood in 2007. Growth has been vigorous this year with lots of lush growth with huge leaves. I've noticed, however, that the bark on the main stem is "splitting" and...
  18. RE: It's been a while... an update on my planted trees

    Thanks for the links.

    I think the best advice is for people to learn what kind of trees others in their communities have planted before buying a certain species of tree. If you don't see any of...
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    Street trees in your community

    I know this has been done before, but it's always a good perennial topic.

    Prior to the mid 1980s, nearly all street trees in my community were American elm. The streets were well shaded with a...
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    RE: What kind of trees are these?

    I would advise against digging that maple up. It looks well established there and you'd do it a great disservice to dig it up.

    I think silver maple gets a really bad rap. Yes, they are weak...
  21. RE: This Started Growing In My Abandoned Herb Garden

    Cottonwood never actually grew here in the wild.. it grows to our west and to our south and east... but I think it gets crowded out in its preferred spots by elm, ash, and silver maple.

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    Re: RE: The power company

    I'm sorry.. I don't buy that for one second. Things are a lot different in northern Minnesota than down there in Tennessee. I don't care who you elect, the rights of electric utilities to clear...
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    Re: RE: The power company

    If they sprayed herbicide under the lines here, they would have the DNR lighting a fire under their butts. The wetland is connected to a delicate lake ecosystem that supports huge amounts of...
  24. RE: Is this an unusual shape for a white Birch?

    My guess is that there was another tree growing next to that tree that has since fallen or been removed.

    Here in northern MN, paper birch tend to grow at the edges of the forest where they get sun...
  25. RE: It's been a while... an update on my planted trees

    Yeah, it's always a gamble with Arbor Day trees. But it's no different than with trees from the SWCD. And Arbor day is happy to replace ones that have died... which makes it worth my while. Plus...
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