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    RE: Catalpa Prunning question

    If you have any doubts, wait a year and let the roots get more established before removing those branches. But I would probably prune them now myself--as long as the upper branches are enough for the...
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    RE: What tree is this?

    Thanks, I do think that is it!
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    [Solved] What tree is this?

    I meant to ask about this tree this summer, but am just now getting to it. This is a leaf from a tree planted by landscapers in a playground here in central Indiana.

    What tree is this?

  4. RE: Suggestions for 4 Trees: Catalpa, Sweetgum, Purple Robe Locust, Ginkgo

    Leave them alone for a while! They are too small for you to do more than harm them. They need a few years before you start feeding and pruning them or anything like. At this point, just make sure...
  5. RE: Should a 10' Bur Oak be producing acorns?

    Some trees produce at an early age. Hybrids are especially likely to do so, which is a good reason to plant some of the hybrid oaks if you're wanting acorn production.

    I have some native swamp...
  6. RE: When is the best season to branch trees?

    When you say "branch," do you mean "prune"?
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    RE: Soil Moist Transplant?

    I've had good success with Musser Forest, but this year they screwed up my order--to the good! I ordered fifty trees and they messed up and sent me 125!! A few extras is expected, but 75 extra...
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    RE: Soil Moist Transplant?

    The forester at Musser Forest assures me that the Transplant used as a root dip will only help the trees. Whew! They sent the wrong product and I did not read the package closely as I've used the...
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    Soil Moist Transplant?

    I mistakenly used Soil Moist Transplant as a root dip for some seedlings
    I planted, thinking that it was Soil Moist Root Dip. I applied at a ratio of 4 tbsps. per 3 gallons of water to make a slurry...
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    RE: TreePro Protectors

    I had a lot of trouble with Deer Off--it was too granular and kept clogging up my backpack sprayer. It worked okay, but was a problem because of that. I use Liquid Fence.

    The repellents seem to...
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    RE: TreePro Protectors

    I have had success with TreePro's Miracle Tubes. I use the 5' tubes and they work very well. The only trouble is when we have high winds after a big rain or after a period of freezing and thawing....
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    RE: Walnut Tree's

    Try it. I live in southern zone 5 (5b) and my English Walnuts are flourishing. But they have not yet produced any nuts and they are now six years old. I bought from several sources--I'd suggest...
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    RE: Late-summer drought

    Oh, I've got LOTS of hackberry trees! We've still had no rain to speak of--a quarter of a inch over a week ago and that was the first precipitation beyond a trace amount since July, which was also...
  14. RE: Effects of a dry summer on fall color?

    We had some rain on Saturday. But not very much. We are still in the drought. Lovely days now, bright blue skies and sunshine and nice temps. But, oh, so dry!
  15. RE: Effects of a dry summer on fall color?

    The mature sugar maples are beautiful this year, as usual. They just turned this week--a little early, I think. But we are niormally at the height of our fall color in mid-October.
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    RE: Late-summer drought

    Well, my county is now officially in a "Moderate Drought" according to the government. We have fire warnings and bans and some communities are instituting water conservation plans. We got a tenth...
  17. RE: Effects of a dry summer on fall color?

    Thanks! I think we may have an early fall--some of the sugar maples are already turning color! And a lot of trees have been dropping leaves due to the dry spell, so that may hurt us for autumn...
  18. Effects of a dry summer on fall color?

    So, how does a dry end of the summer affect fall colors?
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    RE: Tree selection ideas

    While I'm thinking of it, here is the link to the Indiana DNR's nursery site:

    There is a link to the order form on that page. The 2010-2011 prices...
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    RE: Tree selection ideas

    In Indiana, the county SWCD are partnered with the DNR (as well as other state departments/offices). Although some counties may do things differently--I haven't checked all 92!--most of them will...
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    RE: Can this tree be moved?

    Depending on the particular situation, I'd be inclined (tempted at least!) to leave it and let it grow. When it got big enough, I'd remove the river birches and plant new ones elsewhere, keeping the...
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    RE: Tree selection ideas

    Bald cypress grow well and fast. The question of how many you're going to plant is important. If you're wanting to plant 100 or more, go with bald cypress and get them from the DNR. Our DNR...
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    RE: Late-summer drought

    Well, nothing is real until the government says so, right? LOL. I suspect that what we're having is a fluke siutation where our immediate area of a few square miles is missing the rain this year. ...
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    RE: Late-summer drought

    Well, whatever the term, it is very dry. When our wells start drying up, that means the water table is low. Even some of the creeks that usually flow year round are starting to go dry.

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    RE: Late-summer drought

    We had a sprinkle on Saturday--such a small amount that it barely stirred up the dust. The neighbor's well dried up over the weekend. Everything is crisp and brown and the ground is hard and...
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