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10-17-2004, 12:35 PM
I can see I am going to have trouble with buying a pecan tree for AZ.

I would like to find out the whole story concerning the pollination of
pecans trees. I was told a long time ago that there were two types, one that the male bloom comes first; one where the female bloom comes first.
Hence opposite type in proximity increases pollination effectiveness!?!?!?

I have two pecans on my CA property, one of each type: a Western Sly and the other a Giant Mahan.

Moving to AZ, I want to plant a few pecans on the periphery of my
new lot after the house is built.

Need advice and info plus where to buy these and have thme shipped
into AZ.

Regards, Warren Wolff; San Bernardino CA

10-18-2004, 11:34 AM
Pecan trees should be spaced at least 40 feet apart to provide sufficient room for future growth. Disease resistance is the most important factor when choosing a tree cultivar.

The pecan is monoecious which means that male and female parts occur on each tree. To ensure good pollination you should have a few different types of cultivars in your orchard. There are two types (I, and II) and you should check with the nursery or county extension office about which varieties to plant in which numbers.

The Arbor Day Foundation does not sell cultivars of pecan trees due to cost. We also cannot ship nursery stock to California or Arizona (Tree Store/Tree Book), but you can find a nursery that sells them with a simple internet search using the terms "pecan tree nursery".