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  1. my little pin oaks!!
  2. suckers
  3. starting apple trees from seed How
  4. Anyone here a composter?
  5. Emerald Green Arborvitae - Reasons for extremely slow to no growth
  6. Pruning for multiple trunks
  7. Kentucky Coffee Tree
  8. How would you handle this rooty situation?
  9. Lumite Fabrics Working Well!
  10. yellowing leaves
  11. MICHGAN - Where to buy trees?
  12. Propagating Willow Trees
  13. Increasing grade around Burr Oak
  14. Two questions in one...
  15. Quince growth rate?
  16. Fall vs Spring and leaves
  17. I placed my first ADF order!
  18. Safe Digging
  19. lilac - to head-back or not?
  20. Waterring
  21. The Neighbor's Lilac "Bush"
  22. Leaf eating insect
  23. White Oak problems
  24. Help with unknown sick tree
  25. Can a tree be confused as to season on different branches?
  26. Hole in side of tree... Trunk Borer???
  27. Tree Rot
  28. Children of my Willow Oak
  29. hybrid poplars
  30. sick linden tree?
  31. Hybrid Poplars only 4ft after 2 yrs?
  32. Newly Planted Blue Spruce Problems
  33. Hazelnut productivity?
  34. Would love to plant a Ginkgo...
  35. transplanting Yew - any tips?
  36. Yoshino cultivars?
  37. Young Red Maple
  38. Dormant Gold Maple in Nebraska
  39. moving seedlings from flower bed for transplantation?
  40. crabapple woes
  41. How to speed up tree growth?
  42. beetle kill
  43. My Southern Red Oak is Sick
  44. Leyland Cypress Looks Sick
  45. Has my fall planting paid off?
  46. Waiting for grafted trees to leaf out
  47. Sick Peach Tree - Curl?
  48. Help! Which grafting technique? Or should I graft at all?
  49. Native Species
  50. ADS Free Trees- Care
  51. Red Maple with top portion dead - from freezing?
  52. My newly planted Maples!
  53. my ruby frost maple is leaning!
  54. Planting trees in a wet meadow
  55. 2nd hail storm in 5 days!! ugly...
  56. Nuts and seeeds
  57. how common...
  58. The Good and The Bad
  59. Struggles with Thuja Green Giants
  60. My Autumn blaze maple
  61. Planting Tree during heatwave
  62. Is it too late to transplant?
  63. They Started Out So Nice...
  64. Didn't plant deeply enough, should we correct?
  65. pruning thornless honeylocust
  66. Ups and downs of tree planting
  67. Hello Everyone...Spring -vs- Fall Planting
  68. Plum/prune trees not flowering
  69. Stayman / Winesap apple tree growth in DC suburbs
  70. Tree and shrub spacing
  71. A conifer question
  72. Can't be good
  73. anybody have a pear tree??
  74. can anything be done for root problems due to "mulch volcano"?
  75. Help With A Nikko Blue Hydrangea
  76. What would you plant here?
  77. Liquid Root stim...
  78. Hazelnut Project - Year 1 Notes (Thus Far)
  79. Spindly Oak Tree
  80. Colorado Blue Spruce - they all keep dying on me
  81. Potting trees temporarily
  82. Need suggestion for a shade tree
  83. Which trees do well in poorly drained soil with standing water?
  84. Why are some of my trees growing and others aren't?
  85. My Arbor Day trees
  86. My Beautiful Carpathian Walnut- First Year With Nuts?
  87. When To Transplant a 4 foot tall Smoke Bush?
  88. need help again: is this leaf scorch?
  89. Bare root tree planting observation - hybrid poplars
  90. Is it necessary to stake bare root saplings in a windy area?
  91. my free Red Maples and/or Sugar Maples
  92. My autumn blaze maple
  93. Dead/brown limbs on blooming dogwood seedlings
  94. pot-bound trees?
  95. Why are the Leyland Cypress branches drooping and how much water?
  96. Topsoil on blacktop
  97. Trouble with dwarf Japanese maple bushes
  98. Planting a Coconut
  99. ?? Japanese flowering weeping tree dying??why?
  101. Pecan
  102. Pics show the problem, hoping someone can help
  103. oak seedlings- too much heat/sun- what to do now?
  104. Colorado Blue Spruce
  105. What types of insects could be boring through the trunk of this tree?
  106. Water requirements for a newly planted Maple
  107. EAB poison suggestions?
  108. Hi....I have a ? about my red maple....
  109. Small Trees for a back door
  110. Sweet or black gum?
  111. Clump River Birch pruning - confusion
  112. problem with sweet gum tree
  113. Transplanting Arborvitaes
  114. Sick oak
  115. Severe Cottonwood Leaf Rust on Young Trees
  116. Does EAB affect all ash species?
  117. Planting distance from Underground Utilities?
  118. Pine wilt
  119. Large aphid problem
  120. Aspens growing very slow
  121. Worms on White Pine
  122. forest pansy redbud
  123. Where to plant....
  124. discounted trees
  125. ISO Trees to plant next to front of house
  126. caterpillars
  127. transplanting Yew
  128. pruning grape vine
  129. SWCD Trees
  130. High winds and tree staking issues - need advice
  131. when to harvest redbud seeds
  132. Tree Selection Assistance Needed
  133. Why is it not best to coat a wound or prunit cut?
  134. Fall Planting - Arobor Day bare root seedlings
  135. Help me pick some trees
  136. Small tree/large bush advice for a difficult spot
  137. Viability of year-old pecans?
  138. Problem with red maple
  139. sandstone soil, planting dawn redwood
  140. River Birch Question - do I plant 3 trees or just 1?
  141. Storing Trees in Pots for the Winter
  142. Planting Swamp White Oak from Seed
  143. Japonica Cryptomeria -- evergreen screen
  144. Young oaks dropping leaves
  145. Transplanting American Beech
  146. Better to put bare root trees in pot for winter or replant in spring?
  147. White Oak acorns
  148. When is the best time of the year to transplant evergeens?
  149. Little Gem Magnolia
  150. Planting question
  151. arborvitae in Atlanta, GA
  152. Time lapse video of a bur oak growing
  153. Map and catalog the trees on your property online
  154. Trees and East Texas Clay
  155. Don't use Deer Away!
  156. Wooly adelgid treatment for Hemlock
  157. Transplanting dozens of 9-year-old trees?
  158. Limb removal
  159. New Member, lots of trees coming, 1 acre lot, spacing questions
  160. Hazelnut and Forsythia in a row, alternating, how 'bout it?
  161. Question: Flowers with ADF seedlings?
  162. Native persimmon tree
  163. Oak Borer?
  164. Voles and bark damage
  165. Black Alder
  166. Frost heaves
  167. Shrubs
  168. Root removal
  169. Recommendations? Dogwood sapling bark being eaten away
  170. Joshua Trees
  171. Clay, Clay and a little Clay. Questions.
  172. Which maple trees to plant?
  173. Crabapples
  174. Wire Baskets
  175. Some of my ADF trees settled below grade by an inch or two, problem?
  176. Tree holds water?
  177. Dogwood- how close is too close to the house?
  178. Downward Roots
  179. propagation
  180. American Beech
  181. Swamp White Oak - outer bark peeling
  182. Fall planting failures with bare root trees
  183. Transplants from parent tree
  184. B&B Pear Tree
  185. Need tree suggestions on hiding power poles
  186. Autumn Flame maple
  187. How long can bare root trees sit in a water bucket?
  188. Help identifying and reviving a plant
  189. Starting Walnut trees
  190. What type of tree along driveway?
  191. Quick question about moving a baby maple and buckeye.
  192. tall skinny conifers
  193. kwazan cherry not blooming
  194. Hybrid poplar - sending up new sprout
  195. Frost and young trees
  196. River Birch Not Fully Budding
  197. Wilting sapling
  198. Japanese Maples in zone 4
  199. tree fell over and is still alive, need help to support tree and make base of trunk stronger
  200. 5 Aspens, 1 in Question
  201. Red Maple growth problem...
  202. Help for dawn redwood ADF seedling
  203. Tree not watered lost almost all leaves.
  204. Crab Apple Tree Problem - Brown on Leaf
  205. Eastern White Pines - needles browning
  206. "training" Leyland cypress
  207. Please Help for Mountain Ash Tree
  208. Pesky leaf eaters
  209. starting seedlings in containers
  210. My sycamore is ill. Please help
  211. Tree Newbies, Need Advice About Arizona Cypresses Not Looking Well
  212. Mulch Question
  213. River Birch die back - pruning question
  214. Hybrid Poplar Argument
  215. ponderosa pine help
  216. Too Wet? Too Dry? Too Late?
  217. Bare Root Post Planting - Leaves coming out at bottom of tree
  218. Is this Chlorosis?
  219. Sickly Aristocrat Pear
  220. Some ADF trees doing well, others not...
  221. American Beech Transplant
  222. Drooping Dawn Redwood
  223. Red Sunset Maple
  224. Bloodgood Japanese Maple
  225. Need help with Calamondin minature orange tree
  226. How does Lowes/HD grow them?
  227. An update on all my trees
  228. Fertilizing New Trees
  229. Baby forest update
  230. The Low-Down on Tree Fertilization
  231. are trees in our future?
  232. Tree troubles; please advise.
  233. Speeding up stump decay
  234. My Wash Hawthornes are sick.
  235. RedBud.
  236. Nail in tree.
  237. Ash tree loosing leaves
  238. Red Maple Seedlings
  239. Sick Arsitocrat pear trees
  240. sweet cherries
  241. What to do with too much growth (ADF Seedlings)
  242. Small bumps on Swamp White Oak Leaves
  243. Getting roots to grow down
  244. Trimming a Weeping Chinese Elm or Cherry Tree
  245. Cutting a root?
  246. Peaches.
  247. Japanese Maple tree stopped growing.
  248. More growth questions, just the Tuliptree (Yellow Poplar) this time.
  249. Maple Problem - Red/black around leaf edges
  250. How to hang an ornament?